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A Song for Bridget

Published : Thursday 12 July 2018
ISBN : 9781907324901
Price : €10.10

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A Song for Bridget


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Based on the real life of Bridget Mary Larkin, aka Tipperary Mary. Set in 1950s Ireland, we follow the traumatic story of a young girl torn from the love of her life and beaten and raped by her own brother. When her daughter, Phyllis, is born, she is forced to give her up. But will she reunite with her true love again?

The unforgettable true story behind the Sunday Times bestselling memoir Finding Tipperary Mary. Bridget 'Tipperary Mary' Larkin faced poverty, bereavement, cruelty and abandonment many times over, yet never lost the heart to pursue true love. Returning to rural Ireland in 1938 as a young girl full of hope and expectation, a series of tragic events eventually brought Bridget to Manchester and Birmingham, where she faced a desperate daily struggle to survive. Bridget's haunting story, told for her by her daughter, is a perfect example of both the fragility and resilience of the human spirit. Readers love A Song for Bridget: 'A wonderful read' 'Beautifully and tenderly written' 'Incredible' Real reader reviews from