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Aquaman: The Search for Mera: Deluxe Edition

Published : Tuesday 4 December 2018
ISBN : 9781401285227
Price : €35.20

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Aquaman and his world are shaken to their core with the disapearance of his wife and queen of Atlantis, Mera.

Steve Skeates and Jim Aparo began their acclaimed Aquaman run with the epic tale of Mera s disapearance and Aquaman s quest to to get her back, collected now in this Deluxe Edition. While Aquaman desperately searches for his missing wife and queen, Mera, Atlantis plunges into the grips of a new enemy, a politician named Narkran, who plans to rule the underwater kingdom with an iron fist! Aquaman s quest takes him to depths high, and low and he will battle all who stand in his way, including his archnemesis Black Manta, who attempts to exploit Aquaman s desperation. Collects Aquaman #40-48.