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Publisher : Faber Faber
Published : Thursday 3 February 2022
ISBN : 9780571365210
Price : €9.99

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03 Feb 2022


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'I can't remember ever reading anything so moving .

'I can't remember ever reading anything so moving . . . It's so beautiful.' MARIAN KEYES They say boys don't cry. But Finn's seen his Da do it when he thinks no one's looking, so that's not true. And isn't it OK to be sad, when bad things happen? They say boys don't cry, but you might . . . 'Unforgettable.' Donal Ryan 'Authentic to the bone' Kit de Waal It will break your heart in a million different ways.' Louise O'Neill 'Powerful and poignant.' Ruth Hogan 'Hilarious and heartbreaking.' Louise Nealon What readers are saying: 'Fiona Scarlett is certainly up there with the likes of Roddy Doyle . . . A beautifully written, authentic novel, that will make you both laugh and cry, I just want to recommend this book to everyone.' 'This is a heartbreaking and very emotional novel that is exquisitely written. Fiona's writing style helps to bring such raw emotion to the text that it was impossible to not shed a tear!' 'I cried so much reading this book . . . A stunning read that I'll be thinking about for a long time.' 'There is a lot of humour to balance the heartache . . . All humanity is here, in all its shades, and that's what stays with you long after you finish reading. A brilliant debut.'