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Bridge of Clay: The redemptive, joyous bestseller by the author of THE BOOK THIEF

Published : Thursday 11 October 2018
ISBN : 9781846573163
Price : €22.49

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Random House presents the audiobook edition of Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak. Loved THE BOOK THIEF? take a look at this! Ten years in the making the epic new novel from the acclaimed, prize-winning, bestselling author of THE BOOK THIEF Here is a story told inside out and back to front: The five Dunbar brothers are living - fighting, dreaming, loving - in the perfect squalor of a house without grownups. Today, the father who walked out on them long ago is about to walk right back in. But why has he returned, and who have the boys become in the meantime? At the helm is Matthew, cynical, poetic; Rory, forever truanting; Henry, the money-spinner; and Tommy, the pet collector who has populated the house with dysfunctional pets, including Achilles the mule and Rosy the border collie. And then there's Clay, the quiet one, his whole young life haunted by an unspeakable act. From a grandfather, whose passion for the ancient Greeks still colours their lives, to a mother and father fell in love over a mislaid piano, to a present day, where five sons dwell in a house with no rules, BRIDGE OF CLAY is an epic portrait of how a ramshackle family, held together by stories and by love, come to unbury one boy's tragic secret. Markus Zusak's epic new novel BRIDGE OF CLAY is due out this October 2018