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Publisher : Gill
Published : Friday 17 September 2010
ISBN : 9780717146680
Price : €21.99

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The Complete Field Guide to Ireland's Birds is the essential guide for anyone interested in Ireland's birdlife.

Eric Dempsey and Michael O'Clery's award-winning The Complete Guide to Ireland's Birds has been continuously in print for almost twenty years. Since the publication of the second edition, many new species have been recorded in Ireland while others have now been afforded full species status. The Complete Field Guide to Ireland's Birds reflects these most recent changes to Ireland's birdlife. It contains a large number of new plates, maps and an updated text, together with other new features. It fully describes and illustrates almost 370 species, detailing key identification features, voice and diet, habitat and status in Ireland, and the latest distribution maps for each. In addition, over 100 of Ireland's rarest species are also described. Presented in a new, smaller format, it can be easily fitted into a pocket or a rucksack and is ideal for use in the field.