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Crosswords for Bright Sparks: Ages 7 to 9

Published : Thursday 31 October 2019
ISBN : 9781780556291
Price : €6.99

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From the author of the Buster Brain Games series for Clever Kids, comes a new collection of brain workouts that will keep bright sparks entertained for hours.

From Dr Gareth Moore, the author of Buster's bestselling Brain Games for Clever Kids series, comes a new collection of puzzles to get kids training their brains from an early age. For children aged 7-9, the Bright Sparks series is aimed at sharpening the minds of the next generation of puzzle masters. Crosswords for Bright Sparks contains more than 100 fun crosswords for kids to complete. The crosswords gradually get more difficult as the book progresses, letting the reader get to grips with the puzzle style and then build on their skill. The book has been illustrated by Jess Bradley, who has filled the pages with cute and funny kawaii-style creatures.