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ISBN : 9780571380190
Price : €8.99

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Dave and Skipper have a problem: Mean Cat has multiplied! Kittens = more cats = more pigeon problems. But when the kittens are threatened only Dave and Skipper can save the day . . . DAVE: I can't believe we've written a book with MORE cats than pigeons. SKIPPER: Technically, there are 6 cats and 7 pigeons. DAVE: That's 6 cats too many. Dave Pigeon and his trusty sidekick, Skipper, are minding their own business in the garden shed when they see Mean Cat behaving very strangely . . . And why is she multiplying? The arrival of some very cute kittens is disastrous news! More cats? Ugh. But then the kittens come under threat . . . Are Dave and Skipper coldhearted enough to leave them defenceless? Especially when one looks a teeny, tiny little bit like Dave? The fifth book in the best selling Dave Pigeon series. A guaranteed laugh on every page! Packed full of funny black and white illustrations, perfect for emerging readers. 'Best book I've read on raising kittens.' Dave's grandma 'I would NOT recommend this book if you plan to raise kittens.' Every cat everywhere 'Oi! This is a BRILLIANT book, you Catbrains.' Dave's grandma, again