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Published : Thursday 14 October 2021
ISBN : 9781848272668
Price : €16.99

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From the no. 1 Irish bestseller Creative, stylish and incredibly practical, Laura will change how you view your space and open up a world of new possibilities. With Gaff Goddess Laura de Barra proved she was the queen of She-IY, but that was just the beginning. In Decor Galore she takes us room by room with genius and stunning tips for how to revamp your home on any budget. Whether you want to maximise storage, create layered lighting, or install a new kitchen, Decor Galore has got you covered. Gaff Goddess empowered you to pick up a drill and now Decor Galore will empower you to create the home you've always wanted. Praise for Laura de Barra: 'Genuinely, hands-on empowering!' Marian Keyes 'An absolute bible for making your home your own' Emer McLysaght 'I wish I'd found Laura de Barra twenty years ago!' Louise McSharry