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Author : Dan Jones
Published : Thursday 29 October 2020
ISBN : 9781784883812
Price : €17.49

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* 50 of Diana's most iconic dresses and the stories behind them

When Diana Spencer -- the young, shy, doe-eyed British noble -- became engaged to Prince Charles, she was thrust into the spotlight overnight. Navigating fandom previously unknown in the pre-social media age, Diana emerged not only as 'the queen of people's hearts' but as an icon of style, right up until her untimely death in 1997. Diana: Style Icon showcases her fashion evolution, from 80s ruffles to memorable red-carpet classics, exciting off-duty looks and her confident, considered 'revenge look', which emerged after the break-up of her marriage. This book is a celebration of the Princess of Wales, her love of fashion, of life and her everlasting influence on culture, celebrity and style.