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Ecological Medicine: The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Food

Published : Monday 20 July 2020
ISBN : 9781781611708
Price : €46.55

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Dr Sarah Myhill's comprehensive guide to all aspects of health and medical care based on a life-time of approaching health problems from an ecological perspective and finding the simplest and most cost-effective solutions

For Dr Sarah Myhill, the practice of medicine is all about asking the right questions - if you do not look you will not find - and this applies to the causes of both chronic 21st-century health problems and poor responses to acute infections. Ecological Medicine is Dr Myhill's comprehensive guide to health care for health practitioners and motivated patients alike - armed with this knowledge, wellness and an optimal health-span should be within our grasp and the grasp of all those we care for. Easy to follow, logical and evidence based, Dr Myhill with the assistant of writer and editor Craig Robinson, shows how, if we can get the basics right, disease specific benefits will follow. She does not pretend it's easy but the incentives are undeniable. A range of case histories - organised by body system to match earlier chapters - show how to apply the theory in this book to ourselves and to those we care for, personally and/or professionally. Using principally a spirit of enquiry together the PK diet, vitamin C, iodine, sleep and exercise, ecological medicine can be available to all both practically and affordably. Just do it!