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Famous Wexfordians

Author : LIAM GAUL
Published : Monday 6 May 2019
ISBN : 9780750989077
Price : €17.99

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Famous Wexfordians

06 May 2019


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An illustrated account of County Wexford people who have gained notoriety and fame.

Much has been written and reported on the broad canvas of the history of County Wexford over the centuries, but Famous Wexfordians seeks to revitalise interest in some of the principal players that have almost faded into obscurity. This book tells the story of maritime adventurers, sports personalities, artists, musicians, soldiers, political eladers and princes of the Church, who have all left an indelible mark on the south-east corner of Ireland. Author Liam Gaul offers a thorough and absorbing account of Wexford's lesser-known history through these who have lived in and visited the county.