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Growing Up with Ireland: A Century of Memories from Our Oldest and Wisest Citizens

Published : Thursday 4 June 2020
ISBN : 9781529337389
Price : €11.99

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One hundred years of memories from Ireland's 'independence babies' - a compelling story of a changing republic

'An incredible portal to our past' The Sunday Times On 7 January 1922, Ireland became a free state. Born into that era of turbulence and hope were the twenty-six women and men whose stories and memories of a lifetime are captured by cherished Irish journalist Valerie Cox. From living memory come stories of the arrival of electricity, story-telling at 'rambling houses', raising a family in an earlier era, the scourge of TB, the big snow of 1932 and hiding out when the Black and Tans raided. These evocative pieces reflect both a simpler time and a tougher one, where childhood was short and the world of work beckoned from an early age. Growing Up With Ireland is a compelling portrait of an Ireland in some ways warmly familiar, and in others changed beyond recognition, from those who were there at the beginning. 'A comprehensive and evocative insight into a century of Irish life ... a valuable record' Irish Examiner