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Publisher : Watkins Media
Published : Tuesday 10 November 2020
ISBN : 9781786784629
Price : €11.99

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One of the great teachers of the twentieth century shows a more intimate side in this collection of letters, written to a young person who was suffering in both body and mind

Life is a razor's edge and one has to walk on that path with exquisite care and with pliable wisdom - J KrishnamurtiBetween 1948 and the early 1960s, Krishnamurti was easily accessible and many people came to him. On walks, in personal meetings, through letters, the relationships blossomed.Happy Is the One Who Is Nothing collects together letters to a young friend who came to him wounded in body and mind. The letters, presented here in a beautifully gentle design, were written between June 1948 and March 1960. They reveal a rare compassion and clarity: the teaching and healing unfold; separation and distance disappear; the words flow; not a word is superfluous; the healing and teaching are simultaneous.Happy Is the One Who Is Nothing is ideal as a gift for any loved one interested in non-duality and perspective-shifting spirituality, or to be treasured on your own shelf.One of the greatest thinkers of the age - the Dalai Lama on J Krishnamurti