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Published : Thursday 2 February 2023
ISBN : 9781529331387
Price : €14.49

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A fascinating and insightful book on the world of forensic science, by the UK's most respected forensic scientist and author of When the Dogs Don't Bark

'Endlessly fascinating...meticulously written and thoroughly absorbing book' Financial Times Out now: *Revised and Updated* The gripping new book by the UK's most eminent forensic scientists, Angela Gallop __________ CRIME [Noun]: An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law Forensic science is one of the most important aspects of any criminal investigation.The impartial and objective evidence it provides can help convict the guilty. It enables courts to have the confidence in their decisions and to ensure that justice is done. Professor Angela Gallop has been at the forefront of forensics for more than 45 years. During her remarkable career, she has established and run forensic science laboratories and has worked on thousands of cases in the UK and across the world. In How to Solve a Crime, she describes some of her own and her colleagues most intriguing cases and the wide range of skills and techniques used to solve them. Whether it's looking at blood patterns and footwear marks at crime scenes to work out what happened, extracting data from suspects mobile phones to discover where they were at critical times, or analysing fragments of textiles fibers, glass or paint to determine where they might have come from, Gallop shows that every contact really does leave a trace and every trace can help to solve a crime. With unparalleled access and insight across a wide range of specialisms, How to Solve a Crime is a fascinating definitive and authoritative account of real-life forensic science. _________ Praise for WHEN THE DOGS DON'T BARK 'Fascinating' Guardian 'Offers a chilling glimpse into her life's work. . . fascinating stuff' Sunday Times 'Compelling' Daily Mirror 'A casebook that reads like The Encyclopaedia of Murder' Daily Express 'One of the professions leading lights' Woman & Home