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Harley Loves Joker

Published : Tuesday 18 December 2018
ISBN : 9781401283490
Price : €25.20

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From Paul Dini, Emmy and Eisner award-winning creator of Harley Quinn and Batman: The Animated Series, and Marc Andreyko, comes the origin story of the most epic love saga of all-time: Harley Loves Joker!

Set in Harley s earliest days with the Joker, the DC Universe s most mischievious anti-hero makes the biggest mistake of her burgeoning criminal career accidentally revealing the location of Mistah J s hideout! She tries to make it up to her puddin after her colossal blunder but the Joker s wrath is not easily soothed! And how will the Dark Knight make matters even more complicated? Paul Dini returns to his roots with an all-new take on the romance of the century in Harley Loves Joker! Collects the backup stories from issues #17-25 of the Harley Quinn series and Harley Loves Joker #1-2.