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Live More Think Less: Overcoming Depression and Sadness with Metacognitive Therapy

Published : Thursday 2 January 2020
ISBN : 9781785785542
Price : €13.99

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Stop Depression in its Tracks with the Revolutionary Number 1 Danish Bestseller

The Danish Bestseller Now Available in English Dr Pia Callesen presents the first practical book on metacognitive therapy, a groundbreaking new treatment proven to stop depression in its tracks. Many of us struggle with overthinking. We endlessly analyse what we've said and done or the decisions we have to make. Rarely does this treat the stresses of our lives. Often we become overwhelmed; we end up feeling powerless, spiralling into sadness and even depression. Live More Think Less presents a radical strategy to take back control of our thinking processes. From training our attention to leaving our negative trigger-thoughts on the conveyor belt, the book guides us towards living better through mastering the attention we pay to our thoughts and how we act upon them. Depression and sadness are something we all have the power to overcome.