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My First Busy Town Let's Get Going

Published : Thursday 30 March 2017
ISBN : 9780241275825
Price : €8.99

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18 Mar 2021


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Come and see who is in town! Shall we go to the playground or play with a friend in the park? Who is in the cafe and what's that sitting in a tree? Little ones will love learning all about the things you find in town, from visiting their favourite shops, choosing lunch in the cafe and spotting who is walking past, to seeing friends and looking at all the busy people! Filled with 13 bright picture tabs to help little ones find their way, this non-fiction picture book is perfect for teaching babies how to read and for children and their parents to experience together. Hands-on fun awaits you and your toddler in this interactive tactile board book all about life around your toddler, so let's get going!