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My First Zoo Let's Meet the Animals!

Published : Friday 1 April 2016
ISBN : 9780241247105
Price : €8.99

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Helps you to learn about zoo animals. Packed with colourful pictures and activities, this book enables your toddler to discover all about zoo animals with this tactile board book.

Let's take a trip to the zoo and meet the animals! From big beasts to fluttery butterflies, this is theperfect first book to introduce toddlers to the animal kingdom. Packed with bright, photographic pictures and activities, your toddler will love exploring the zoo and meeting everyone who lives there. Chunky, easy-grip picture tabs, help little ones turn right to the pages they love, while colourful pictures and word games get children thinking and talking. Perfect for preschool learning, it's never been easier to help your child get talking!