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Nadiya Bakes: Includes all the delicious recipes from the BBC2 TV series

Published : Saturday 1 August 2020
ISBN : 9780241396612
Price : €29.65

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The book we've all been waiting for: Nadiya's return to her true love, baking! Discover all the delicious and mouth-watering recipes from the BBC2 TV series in Nadiya's Sunday Times bestselling cookbook, Nadiya Bakes 'Delicious' TIMES 'Showstoppers and classic baking for every occasion' SUNDAY TIMES ___________ Our beloved Bake-Off winner has created your ultimate baking cookbook to help you conquer cakes, biscuits, traybakes, tarts and pies, showstopping desserts, breads, savoury bakes, and even 'no-bake' bakes - all with her signature mouth-watering twists. Some of Nadiya's deliciously easy recipes you can achieve at home include: * Raspberry Roly-Poly * Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake * Tutti Frutti Pavlova * Znoud El Sit * Money Can't Buy You Happiness Brownies * Mango and Coconut Cake . . . and much, much more From classic baking staples to dazzling show-stoppers, you'll discover new favourite recipes for every day and every celebration - it's time to shake up your bakes!