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Nightwing Volume 6: The Untouchable

Publisher : DC Comics
Published : Tuesday 18 September 2018
ISBN : 9781401287573
Price : €18.90

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Originally published in single magazine form in Nightwing 35-43--Copyright page.

The killer whom Nightwing could never catch is back in Bl dhaven! A bold new creative team sends Nightwing on a mission to stop the first killer he ever let the body count climbs and the murders on his conscience push Dick Grayson to the brink! Back when he was first fighting crime by Batman's side as Robin, Dick Grayson let a crime boss called the Judge slip through his fingers. Ever since, he's been haunted by the trail of bodies left in the Judge's wake...murders committed by seemingly ordinary people who were offered their fondest desires by the Judge. Now, just as Dick is starting anew in Bl dhaven, both as Nightwing and as the owner of a new business, the Judge has returned--and so have the murders. Can Nightwing solve the mystery of who the Judge really is and why he's turning Bl dhaven into a city of killers? Or will the citizens take the deal when they're offered their deepest exchange for the death of Nightwing? Writer Sam Humphries (Green Lanterns) and Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond) plunge Nightwing into a centuries-spanning mystery...and a fight for his life! Collects Nightwing #35-43.