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Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Published : Thursday 14 October 2021
ISBN : 9781529013597
Price : €7.99

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The story of an unlikely relationship between a polar bear and a penguin, packed with humour and empathy.

From rising star Victoria Cassanell, Penguin Parcel is a sparkling Arctic adventure about friendship, empathy, and a very long journey. When Polar Bear spots a Penguin Coupon in the newspaper, he wastes no time in ordering his very own pet. He's thrilled with his new friend, but Penguin doesn't seem quite as pleased (though it's hard to tell - he's not very chatty). As time goes on, Penguin becomes more and more despondent, and Polar Bear knows he has to do something to fix it. And that something involves a very long journey. . . A warm-hearted, funny and breathtakingly beautiful book about kindness and learning to think about others.