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Paper, Pencil & You: Calm: Relaxing Brain-Training Puzzles for Stressed-Out People

Published : Thursday 28 May 2020
ISBN : 9781529409628
Price : €9.99

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Over 300 pencil-ready puzzles for a calmer mind

Relax. Let your shoulders drop, turn your phone to silent and take one (freshly sharpened) pencil. Paper, Pencil and You: Calm contains over 300 puzzles designed to foster calm in a stressed-out, busy world. The puzzles in this book will take you on a journey through a wonderland of calming activities. You'll divide shapes, draw loops, fill grids and much, much more. Each one has been designed to give you a moment of peace; a break from the hectic pace of life and a chance to quieten the mental noise. With sections for practice runs and workings out, each puzzle is designed to be completed on the page itself. As you complete the book you'll be unconsciously developing your memory and visual processing skills, thinking laterally and logically to find solutions, but will emerge from each exercise feeling relaxed and refreshed. So, sharpen that pencil, turn over the page and feel calm.