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Sense and Sensitivity: Why Highly Sensitive People Are Wired for Wonder

Published : Thursday 13 February 2020
ISBN : 9781529304145
Price : €13.85

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Are you - or do you think you might be - a Highly Sensitive Person? Sense and Sensitivity will help you embrace your natural abilities, reach your potential, and live the life you deserve.

If you're an HSP, Deborah Ward is the friend who finally 'gets' it... - Jenn Granneman, co-founder of, author of The Secret Lives of Introverts Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? If so, you probably find the world to be an overwhelming place. You may struggle with loud, bright or busy situations; your senses are frequently over-stimulated, and you may be a true empath, feeling the pain of others deeply, putting the needs of those around you above your own. In this blend of memoir, scientific research and practical guide, Deborah Ward - author of the popular blog 'Sense and Sensitivity' (Psychology Today) - shares her journey as an HSP from childhood to adulthood. Through her experiences with over-stimulation, work, socializing, relationships and self-discovery, she uncovers the joys of sensitivity, including intellectual curiosity, empathy, compassion and creativity. Each chapter includes a list of practical suggestions that will inform, console, reassure and inspire you, helping you to better understand who you are and what you need to thrive as an HSP. It is not your destiny to live quietly, hiding in fear; nor is it your duty to try to act like everyone else. Being highly sensitive can be challenging, but it is also a gift; it is your gift.