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Silver: Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month

Published : Thursday 3 September 2020
ISBN : 9781472255365
Price : €12.99

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An enthralling and propulsive new thriller from the acclaimed and bestselling author of Scrublands

AN ENTHRALLING AND PROPULSIVE NEW THRILLER FROM THE ACCLAIMED AND BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF SCRUBLANDS 'Compelling, original and brilliantly executed - an excellent thriller from a new master of Australian noir' CHARLES CUMMING 'Dark, twisty and atmospheric, with writing so real you can almost feel the blistering heat of the Australian summer' LISA HALL * A HOMECOMING MARRED BY BLOOD Journalist Martin Scarsden returns to Port Silver to make a fresh start with his partner Mandy. But he arrives to find his childhood friend murdered - and Mandy is the prime suspect. Desperate to clear her name, Martin goes searching for the truth. A TERRIBLE CRIME The media descends on Port Silver, compelled by a story that has it all: sex, drugs, celebrity, and religion. Martin is chasing the biggest scoop of his career, and the most personal. A PAST HE CAN'T ESCAPE As Martin draws closer to a killer, the secrets of his traumatic childhood come to the surface, and he must decide what is more important - the story or his family... * Praise for SCRUBLANDS: 'Shimmers . . . A tortured tale of blood and loss' VAL MCDERMID 'Stunning . . . That rare combination, a page-turner that stays long in the memory' SUNDAY TIMES (CRIME BOOK OF THE MONTH) 'An almost perfect crime novel ... Intelligent, thought-provoking, great narrative energy' ANN CLEEVES