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Spaghetti Hunters

Published : Thursday 23 July 2020
ISBN : 9781509889846
Price : €12.99

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Spaghetti Hunters

23 Jul 2020


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An hilarious picture book following a duck in search of spaghetti.

Spaghetti Hunters is a brilliantly funny and wonderfully silly picture book, featuring a duck, a tiny horse and quest for spaghetti, from the award-winning Morag Hood - creator of The Steves, I Am Bat. Duck has lost his spaghetti, and Tiny Horse has a plan to save the day. But what exactly do you bring to a Spaghetti Hunt? A spade, a fishing rod, a jar of peanut butter, cutlery and some binoculars, obviously. Searching far and wide, Tiny Horse catches worms, a ball of string, even a snake - but no spaghetti. Disaster! Until Duck consults a recipe book and armed with flour, eggs and a pasta maker, sets about making his own spaghetti. This infectiously comic story encourages reading and home-cooking, teaching children about where food really comes from.