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Publisher : Cornerstone
Published : Thursday 3 February 2022
ISBN : 9781529156065
Price : €11.99


SOON TO BE A LANDMARK SKY MINI-SERIES STARRING JOSH HARTNETT Nothing spreads like fear . . . In the secretive inner circle of the ultra-rich, Alex Hoffmann is a legend. He has developed an algorithm for playing the financial markets that generates billions of pounds - and feeds on panic. When one day his system is threatened by a terrifying intruder who breaches the elaborate security of his lakeside home, his life becomes a waking nightmare of violence and paranoia. But who is trying to destroy him? And is it already too late? 'Could scarcely be more of the moment' The Times 'Harris is a master of pace and entertainment' Observer 'There are moments when this book feels so up to date it could have been written next week . . . spookily exciting' Express

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