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Published : Thursday 24 March 2022
ISBN : 9781844885114
Price : €18.49

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24 Mar 2022


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'Thrilling and utterly compulsive' LIZ NUGENT A girl covered in blood. A missing man. A cryptic fairy tale. Detective Laura Shaw seems to have it all: a supportive husband, a happy two-year-old and a great career. She is her team's top interviewer, brilliant at coaxing victims to open up. Then, she meets Jenny - a 14-year-old assault victim - and the facade crumbles. Jenny's stepfather is missing, the blood on her clothes is not her own and Laura can't interpret the fairy tale she keeps repeating. But Jenny isn't the only one with secrets. With every hour that passes, Laura loses more of her grip, grappling with the biggest question of all: Is every life worth saving? _____________________ 'Propulsive' RTE GUIDE 'An incredible read, impossible to put down. Gill Perdue is a fresh, assured new voice in Irish crime writing' ANDREA MARA 'Daringly dark and packs a huge emotional punch - an exceptional crime debut that lingers in the memory long after the last page' CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD 'Terrific' RYAN TUBRIDY 'Incredible storytelling' ARLENE HUNT 'Haunting and hypnotic' PATRICIA GIBNEY 'An intense, emotional and utterly compelling narrative' JAKE ARNOTT