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ISBN : 9780717188680
Price : €19.99

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The first cookbook from the Instagram sensation and chef Trisha Lewis who has lost over 8 stone using these simple and delicious recipes.

Chef Trisha Lewis was days away from her 30th birthday when she set herself the goal of losing over half her body weight. She weighed 27 stone and was often mocked for her size. Now, through sheer determination, she has overhauled her life - giving up smoking, joining a gym and transforming her diet. Trisha has documented her journey on Instagram, gaining over 90,000 followers - Trisha's Transformers - who are inspired by her relatability, can-do attitude, honesty and openness about the highs and lows of her weight-loss journey. Here, for the first time, Trisha shares her story, tips and the recipes that have led to her incredible 8-stone weight loss. As a trained chef, her mission is to maintain the flavours she loves while losing weight, and these recipes prove Trisha's mantra - that you can beat the bulge and still indulge.