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The Beginner's Photography Guide: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Manual for Getting the Most from your Digital Camera

Published : Monday 2 May 2016
ISBN : 9780241241271
Price : €22.49

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If you're new to photography, then this title is suitable for you. With the ideal starting point for digital camera users, it explains key concepts in simple terms before offering visual guides to every function. It compares the effect of different approaches, showing you how to take the photos you want and develop your photography ability.

Put yourself in the picture with this completely comprehensive guide to photography. All you need is a digital camera and this best-selling book to get snap happy in style. From equipment and exposure to light and lens and flash and focus, The Beginner's Photography Guide explains key concepts in clear and simple terms to help you make the most of your camera. This is the ideal starting point for absolute beginners, with step-by-step tutorials covering the whole range of camera functions and photographic techniques. Once you've mastered the basics, discover how to enhance the images you've taken using a range of innovative ideas adopted by professionals. Whether there is limited light or excessive flash, your photographic problems are solved inside. This fully revised edition has been updated to include new photography trends and the very latest equipment on the market. Add this essential manual to your library to ensure all your most memorable moments are picture perfect every time.