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The International Yeti Collective: Shadowspring

Published : Thursday 1 October 2020
ISBN : 9781788951814
Price : €7.99

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26 Aug 2021


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The precious water at Shadowspring is running dry but Tadpole and the other yeti don't know why. Could it be that Henry, a human boy, holds the answers they're searching for?

Henry is the new boy at Halbrook Hall - a crumbling boarding school in the Scottish Highlands. He thinks the rumours of yeti lurking in the misty hills are nothing more than stories. Until one day he gets lost in the forest... As a young yeti, Tadpole loves living in Shadowspring. But now the precious spring water is disappearing and no one knows why. The situation is serious - surely there's something she can do to help... When Tadpole accidentally reveals the top-secret location of Shadowspring to Henry, the lost boy she saves, she knows she's in deep trouble. But what if this human actually has the power to help the yeti not harm them? A tale of unlikely friendship and adventure, with an ecological message, perfect for fans of Abi Elphinstone, THE POLAR BEAR EXPLORERS' CLUB and FROSTHEART. Praise for THE INTERNATIONAL YETI COLLECTIVE: A heartwarming story - Abi Elphinstone, author of SKY SONG and RUMBLESTAR Warm, wise and wonderful - Sophie Anderson, author of THE HOUSE WITH CHICKEN LEGS and THE GIRL WHO SPEAKS BEAR An adventure like no other - Professor Ben Garrod, biologist, conservationist and author Funny, moving and action-packed - Sinead O'Hart, author of THE EYE OF THE NORTH and THE STAR-SPUN WEB