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The Practical Potter: Step-By-Step Techniques, 30 Projects and Inspirational Examples, Shown in 800 Photographs

Published : Tuesday 3 October 2017
ISBN : 9780754834304
Price : €20.00

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How to create your own beautiful ceramics, with practical step-by-step instructions. Explains all the basic pottery techniques, such as pinching, hollowing, coiling, slab building, extrusion and clay relief.

Updated new edition 2017. Working with clay is tremendously satisfying, with enough possibilities and variations to fill a lifetime of imaginative discovery. This book explains all the main methods for both novices and experienced makers wanting to improve their skills. Each chapter features step-by-step explanations, brought to life with examples of contemporary work. Ideas include a thrown cup and saucer, a hand-formed interpretation of the human figure, a press-moulded jug with sprigged decoration, and slipcast vessels with the distinctive crackled surface of raku. Accessible and inspiring, the book uncovers both the practical essentials and the creative secrets of working with clay.