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The Resolution Zone: The science of the resolution response

Published : Thursday 2 July 2020
ISBN : 9781781611067
Price : €17.99

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The Resolution Zone: The science of the...

02 Jul 2020


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Inflammation is a key aspect of our response to infection - acute and chronic - and injury but causes chronic problems if it does not RESOLVE. Barry Sears explains what this means in practice and the principles of Pro-resolution Nutrition so that we can all maintain ourselves in 'the Zone' - the physiological state of optimal health.

The `Zone' is not a celebrity fad diet but the physiological state we should all be in but are mostly (about 99%) not. It can be measured using evidence-based markers of wellness and achieved through nutritional rules that will surprise many of those currently focused on `gluten-free' and `low-carb'. If you are in the Zone you are free from inflammation and also able to RESOLVE any inflammation arising from injury or infection; unresolved inflammation lies behind all chronic `diseases of civilisation'. Barry Sear's latest book goes back to the basics to explain why the primary `drug' to keep inflammation in balance is nutrition. Learn: Why inflammation makes you fat, sick and age faster; Why much of inflammation begins in the gut; Why anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit resolution; How Pro-resolution Nutrition can get you into, and keep you in, The Zone. Are you ready to live to 100 years old?