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The Wild Laughter

Published : Thursday 18 June 2020
ISBN : 9781786077813
Price : €13.99

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The Wild Laughter

18 Jun 2020


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It's 2008, and the Celtic Tiger has left devastation in its wake. For Hart and Cormac Doharty life continues as normal - at least at first. But when their father falls ill, the boys face a devastating choice. Their family, and their community, are in crisis, and there's nothing more dangerous than two men with nothing to lose. This bold, razor-sharp take on the consequences of one life-changing decision fizzes with the voice of rural Ireland. By turns outrageous, hilarious and dark, this is an unmissable snapshot of a family, and a nation, that finds itself suddenly unmoored. The Wild Laughter cements Caoilinn Hughes's position as one of Ireland's most audacious and talented young writers.