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Published : Thursday 6 January 2022
ISBN : 9780008262471
Price : €10.11

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06 Jan 2022


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Welcome to your new obsession... PRAISE FOR J.L. BUTLER: 'Sexy, dark and addictive. Don't read if you value your sleep!' TAMMY COHEN 'A gripping, thrill-a-minute ride' Erin Kelly 'Gripping, intelligent, thrilling' Adele Parks 'Intelligently written. Compulsive. I defy you to put this down.' Jane Corry A FATAL attraction... Rachel Reeves has it all. The perfect family, a rich husband, and a gorgeous home. But when her only child flies the nest, Rachel feels lost - and succumbs to a mind-blowing one-night stand. With a DEADLY twist... Instantly regretting her infidelity, Rachel cuts ties with Chris. But he won't let her go that easily. She erases him from her life - until a text changes everything. And an UNFORGETTABLE end... Someone knows what she did. And they're ready to destroy her entire life because of it.