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Published : Thursday 19 August 2021
ISBN : 9780241505618
Price : €8.99

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19 Aug 2021


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''I couldn''t put this book down'' - Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOVIE IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR FUTURE WOULD YOU TAKE IT? Esso is running out of time and into trouble. After he is accidentally caught up in a gang war, he is haunted by a vision of a bullet fired in an alleyway with devastating consequences. A generation later, fifteen-year-old football prodigy Rhia is desperately searching for answers - and a catastrophic moment from the past holds the key to understanding the parents she never got to meet. Whether on the roads of South London or in the mysterious Upper World, Esso and Rhia''s fates must collide. And when they do, a race against the clock will become a race against time itself. . . Praise for the Upper World: ''''Wow! The Upper World is a time-twisting, mind-bending thrill ride. I raced through the pages trying to keep up with Esso and Rhia - if I could read at the speed of light, I would have! This south London epic will stay with you long after the final page.'''' - Holly Jackson ''''A thrilling, electric book - so sharp and quick, so witty and wise it leaves you gasping.'''' - Katherine Rundell ''''For days after reading [The Upper World], I was left with what I can only describe as an electricity surging through my spirit. Fadugba is an impeccable weaver of universes and this is a book I will return to time and time again.'''' - Caleb Femi