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Published : Thursday 9 March 2023
ISBN : 9781399711890
Price : €15.99

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09 Mar 2023


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A transformative book that opens hearts and minds to the unseen wonders of Ireland's natural world as it invites us to exchange eco-overwhelm for a Wild Embrace!

From moss to moths, Anja Murray has conjured up an ebullient paean to our surrounding ecosystem - a sensuous celebration of nature.' MANCHAN MAGAN 'A hugely important, and simply delightful, book.' EOGHAN DALTUN, author of An Irish Atlantic Rainforest OPEN UP TO A NOURISHING NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH IRELAND'S WILD WORLD. Wild Embrace is about cultivating curiosity and awe in nature, in a time of eco-anxiety and overwhelm. As ecologist Anja Murray opens our eyes to the hidden bounty of the land, sea and sky around us, we head out on a unique journey through the Irish landscape. She explores the joy of foraging, the marvels of Irish birds, the roles of our native trees in environmental regeneration, nature at night and in the city, and much more - including fascinating insights into our ecological past. With beautiful illustrations by Jane Carkill (@lamblittle), Wild Embrace awakens our senses to the everyday environmental wonders within reach, as we set out on a path to empowered change into the future.