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Wildwoods: The Magic of Ireland's Native

Publisher : Gill
Published : Friday 25 September 2020
ISBN : 9780717190218
Price : €15.99

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16 Mar 2022


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Ecologist Richard Nairn buys a small woodland and allows it to go back to nature. A fascinating account of a typical year in a native Irish forest, its moods and seasons and wildlife secrets. Wildwoods is an important and timely reminder to pay attention to what nature can teach us.

Richard Nairn has spent a lifetime studying - and learning from - nature. When an opportunity arose for him to buy a small woodland filled with mature native trees beside a fast-flowing river, he set about understanding all its moods and seasons, discovering its wildlife secrets and learning how to manage it properly. Wildwoods is a fascinating account of his journey over a typical year. Along the way, he uncovers the ancient roles of trees in Irish life, he examines lost skills such as coppicing and he explores new uses of woodlands for forest schools, foraging and rewilding. Ultimately, Wildwoods inspires all of us to pay attention to what nature can teach us. 'A book to inspire anyone who wants Ireland to grow more Irish trees.' Michael Viney