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Author : HOARE JO
Publisher : The Ivy Press
Published : Tuesday 27 October 2020
ISBN : 9780711263604
Price : €8.99

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27 Oct 2020


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A hilarious guide to mastering virtual meetings and not embarrassing yourself online.

If life on is Zoom getting you down and you're dreading the next inevitable invite to a Teams meeting, don't panic, help is at hand. With 101 top tips explaining the dos and don'ts of virtual meetings, You're On Mute will help you master videocalls in the new normal. Whether you need to stop doing that weird wave at the end of meetings or want to break the habit of being transfixed by your own face in the corner of the screen, the fun advice inside this book has got you covered. In no time you'll be living your best life online, bringing your A game to any virtual work meeting, catch up with family, quiz with friends, online date and more. Advice includes: * Mastering online etiquette - from the right way to say hello to the right time to hang up * How to make multi-generational family video calls workable for both grandparents and children (You're still on mute, grandma!) * Ensuring your next video quiz is an entertaining test of knowledge rather than a painful test of endurance * Successfully navigating an online romance, covering first dates to long-term relationships * Avoiding the must not dos of video calls, whether it's the serious matter of security or the shame of surprise screen sharing