Product Details : Match Attax 2023/24 - Booster Tin 2
Match Attax 2023/24 - Booster Tin 2



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Match Attax 2023/24 - Booster Tin 2. 42 Match Attax cards inside the Booster Tin plus 2 exclusive Artists of the Game Limited Edition cards - Zinédine Zidane and Rafael Leão. . Look out for UCL Centurion Relic cards inside lucky tins (1:28 tins). Description: The all-new 2023/24 season of Match Attax showcases all the best players from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League and the UEFA Europe Conference League. This incredible new collection features a huge range of cards to collect from Black Edge cards, Blue Crystal Parallel cards, Heritage design cards, Pro Elite Chrome Shield cards and the 100 Club to the amazing NEW Energy cards and all NEW Limited Edition card categories including Gold Rush Ultra, Artists of the Game and Stadium Stars. Look out for Centurion Relic cards and Player-worn Relic cards inside lucky tins, THE ZEN ultimate celebration card inside lucky packets and genuine Autograph cards plus parallels across the collection. #TheChaseIsOn