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A Guide to The Waterford Coast



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The purpose of this book is to inform the interested visitor of what it is about the Waterford coast that is worthwhile and interesting. The complex and varied geology is outlined in a reasonably simple way and the forces that shape the cliffs, the sandy beaches and the wetlands are described. Obvious archaeological features on the coastal landscape and the more important ones are highlighted so that the visitor may seek them out and learn about their function and former use. There is a comprehensive section on the flora and fauna to be seen along the coast and in the seas just offshore (records up to the end December 2010 are presented). All the Waterford beaches are described, including how to get to them, what may be seen there and particularly what to look out for. There are very few cliff walks in the county, but those that can be safely walked offer superb walking in spectacular coastal surroundings. Walks to and around the coastal areas over time allows the visitor to observe and monitor the changes that inevitably occur, and all the recent and ongoing changes are mentioned to familiarise the reader with the agents of coastal change and the often profound implications these changes pose for the coastal zone. The Waterford coast is an important conservation area and the various designations that apply to it are outlined in some detail along with the site descriptions listed in local and national development plans. Any visitor to the Waterford coast needs to be prepared and there is a chapter giving details on weather, required equipment, safety, access information and what maps are available. There is also a comprehensive list of reading material to assist the reader wishing to acquire additional information. The Waterford coast has charmed generations of people attracted to its many and varied features. The hope is that this book will foster an interest in, and an appreciation of, what is available to see and enjoy on the Waterford coast, and in doing so, may help to protect and preserve this spectacular coastline for those that follow.