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Brian Kennedy new book “Grass Roots, Muddy Boots” Brian,explained that the book is in 2 parts. Waterford United Football Club ex players stories including first and last European adventures. Waterford Junior League Clubs history, family histories and last 4 years. "If you ever took a shot to the nuts in 'Alaska Park' or swung from the rafters in Kilkohan, chances are you've played Junior League football or supported the Blues. The Waterford Junior League and Waterford United have been intertwined for almost a century now with some of the finest players in this city gracing both of them. Names like Fitzgerald, Coad, Hale, O'Neill - the list is really endless. Here for the first time is a collection of both bodies. A revamped, up to date, history of all current Junior League clubs along with some stories of the Blues from days gone by and interviews with players who wore the shirt with pride." Brian Kennedy is a Waterford author with ten books to his name. His first book, 'Confessions Of An Exeter City Nut' was published in 2004, while his 2011 Liffey Press offering 'Just Follow The Floodlights' went to Number 1 on the English Football League Best-Sellers List on In between he has penned books on Waterford United, Exeter City, Irish Music and the world's most unluckiest gambler - Mr Harry Sack.