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Kilkenny - The GAA Story 1884-1984



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This book is and attempt to set down, between a single set of covers, the general story of Kilkenny's achievements wirhin the G.A.A. since it was founded one hundred years ago. In order to keep the volume within reasonable proportions, I have reluctantly had to omit asll reference to internal county competitions, with the vexception of those early county championships which were a part of the first All-Ireland Hurling and Football competitions. In that area, there are the makings of another book. The hope for this book is that it may, in some small way, refresh among its older readers the memory of the great games and personalities of the past, and it may inspire among its younger readers an interest in Gaelic games and in the rich treasury of Kilkenny G.A.A.lore. Author, Tom Ryall of Michaelschurch, Ballycallan, has been working on this book for 10 years. He is an official of the Graigue-Ballycallan club and is actively involved in all aspects of the G.A.A. in the county. He is the present secretary of Bord-na-nOg and is also P.R.O. of the Co.Board. The author did all the research for the book himself.