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Tom Brett Why did Iproduce and publish this book? A good question! Probably because it has been suggested to me many times by many people that I should! Ihave been fortunate to be born, raised and live in Lilkenny all my life. Unlike many of my post-war schoolmate contemporaries who had to emigrate in search of employment, Ihave been able to stay, work and rear a family in this beautiful medieval city. And, by being an employee, employer, business propietor, householder and parent, maybe I have given something back to Kilkenny. It is my wish that "Kilkenni In Focus" will be accepted as a tribute to Kilkenny and its citizens. This book is marked Volume 1,because it can only show a small selection of the photographs I have taken between the 1960s and 2000s. If allowed, I would like to produce Volume two.