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Everyone's a Star after Midnight by Wayne Power



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Everyone's a Star after Midnight by Wayne Power. The definition of insanity is sometimes given as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. Yet, some lessons need to be learned the hard way if understanding of the full depth of the human predicament is to be properly distilled. Tales from the urban jungle, from Love’s lost and found, of midnight masquerades and a soul laid bare. These are among the travails and adventures of the heart that await the reader in this warm and engaging collection of poems, that are passionate and intense yet deriving a solemnity that comes from learning about life’s ups and downs, the high and the lows, what they have to offer us and what they tell us about ourselves. These poems flow thick and fast but leave a lasting impression. The impact is immediate but not without surprises as the reader is taken to many places, including some that you might rather forget but others that will evoke a sense of reminiscence, maybe even make you wish that you were there. "Love is underrated. Fear is overrated. I didn't dream it." Wayne Power is a writer, poet and spoken word artist based in Waterford city, where he has come to prominence through his work with the Modwords collective. He won a Sean Dunne Young Writers Award in 2002 for Best Local Prose.