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Shopping in Kilkenny Through the Years



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Many shops and businesses have come and gone in Kilkenny city over the years. Some have carried on over the generations to the present time. Hopefully this book will recall for some people memories of shopping and doing business in Kilkenny in years gone by. senior citizens will have memories of looking in the windows or of buying their household provisions in a favourite shop, or even have childhood memories of buying a doll or a mechanical toy in a High Street shop. It should be interesting for people to recall these shops of years ago and look at the new modern shops that have replaced them over the years. These changes are an important and interesting part of the city's business and shopping history. I have included also bill heads and some photos of banks, hotels and other businesses as these were, and in many cases continue to be, an important part of the commercial life of the city. In some instances I have included brief mention of the historical importance of buildings where this is of significance.