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DC Heroes & Villains Collection Part 6



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DC Heroes & Villains Collection Part 6 - The Flash - Rebirth. From superstar writer Geoff Johns and fan-favourite artist Ethan Van Sciver comes a fast-paced story that re-establishes Barry Allen as the DC Universe’s prime Flash. He sacrificed his life to save all existence in Crisis on Infinite Earths, only to be resurrected to help rescue reality again in Final Crisis. Now Barry Allen must determine whether there’s still a place for him in a world already protected not only by his successor, Wally West, but by myriad other speedsters. And if his time-travelling mortal enemy, Professor Thawne; alias the Reverse-Flash, has anything to do with it, there won’t be… With an extra story by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, plus Johns’ original proposal for the Flash: Rebirth miniseries – illustrated with behind-the-scenes sketches by Ethan Van Sciver, this volume also includes a bonus feature charting Barry Allen’s death and rebirth. COLLECTS THE FLASH: REBIRTH #1–6; THE FLASH SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS 2010 #1