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A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood: Community Leadership and Vocation

Published : Wednesday 13 November 2019
ISBN : 9780738759661
Price : €17.99


Helps readers understand the two primary categories of priestly duties pastoral and sacerdotal and shares guidance on specific topics, including teaching, crisis counselling, communicating with deity, devotion, intervention, healing, life rites, community celebration, etc.

There s a pressing need in the Pagan community for strong, aware, responsible, and accountable leaders. This book provides a down-to-earth perspective on what it means to be a priestess or priest and explores the duties, responsibilities, challenges, and benefits of stepping into such a role. Whether you are currently a priest or priestess, are considering becoming one, or would like to be more informed about Pagan leadership so you can better support your community, this book helps you learn about the practical skills required and provides ideas on how you can acquire or improve them. As Paganism continues to grow and new generations become leaders, this guide shares a practical picture of what the Pagan clergy can be.

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