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ISBN : 9780717182671
Price : €14.99


Aisling is almost 32, and she’s still a complete Aisling. Christmas lights are twinkling in the Big Apple, and Aisling is stunned to find her ex-boyfriend John on her doorstep. Can his new-found devotion (and his new six-pack!) lure her back home, or should she continue to chase the American dream with the Irish mafia and Jeff, the ridey fireman? Meanwhile, in Ballygobbard, it’s all go. Baby showers are the new hen parties, Mammy and Dr Trevor are more serious than Aisling thought, and the prospect of two evil stepsisters has her doubting her place in the family. With her head and her heart being pulled in opposite directions, everything is changing as Aisling tries to settle on a place to finally call home.

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