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Big Maggie: Schools edition with notes by Eilis Flanagan

Published : Friday 4 July 2014
ISBN : 9781781172858
Price : €9.99

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New schools edition, with notes, of one of John B.'s finest plays which is on the Leaving Certificate curriculum for 2016

'Big Maggie 'J. B. Keane's most outspoken play' - The Irish Press 'Keane ... has brought the tyranny, the desperation and the frustration of the rural Irish matriarch roaring into the top twenties' 'A full-blooded, salty, earthy play with a great ring of truth and uproarious with comedy' - The Irish Times 'His depth of perception reveals a mature Keane' - Cork Examiner The story of Big Maggie Polpin and her attempts to keep her family together after the death of her husband is an enduring theatre favourite. The dialogue crackles with hilarious, caustic putdowns as the indomitable Maggie deals with her feckless family and unwanted suitors. Everyone wants a part of Big Maggie and her property, but she has other ideas. John B. Keane's wonderful creation of a rural Irish matriarch ranks with Juno, Mommo and Molly Bloom as one of the great female creations of twentieth-century Irish literature.