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ISBN : 9781800071971
Price : €8.99

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How can we be happy? How should we treat others? How should we spend our time? Discover the path to peaceful living with this beginner's guide to the ancient practice of Zen Zen is a philosophy for living in a state of kindness, gratitude and awareness, teaching us to be present and to experience the world as it truly is. This book will guide you through the concepts of Zen, revealing how you can apply its principles to your daily life and how you can reap the benefits to gain a greater sense of peace and calm. Through simple tips, guided meditations and thought exercises, you can learn to cultivate Zen, whether you're new to the practice or have been familiar with it for years. Are you ready to discover the secrets of Zen? Within these pages you'll find: The history of the Zen school of thought, and how it has shaped the world we live in today An introduction to Zen practices and beliefs, including the Six Virtues and the Five Precepts, and to Zen ceremonies, holidays and rituals Tips for cultivating and perfecting your practice, and developing your own sense of "Zen" Step-by-step instructions for trying various meditations and exercises for yourself Ideas to make your daily life and home more Zen Exercises in Zen arts, such as calligraphy, painting, gardening and flower arranging Wise words from the world's most enlightened thinkers Thought-provoking Zen teachings to help you see things in a new light